TMJ Joint Therapy

Cambie Dental Centre TMJ Joint Therapy

Headaches, jaw ache, sore cheeks, pain near the ear, and even pain behind the eye can all be reasons of facial muscle pain or jaw joint pain. The temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) is a complex joint that often times can become inflamed from over use, trauma, or hyper muscle activation or spasms.

These painful episodes can even lead to the sensation of pain behind the eye or near the ear. The nerve that triggers can crossfire and lead to pain in the upper molar teeth. Many of us may clench or jaw or teeth unconsciously or even in our sleep as a response to stress in life; life CAN be stressful at times.

Dr. Huang and Dr. Wu are specially trained in providing TMJ joint and facial muscle therapy through the use of appliances, and muscle / joint rehabilitation to restore the health of the joint and facial muscles. We can accomplish much in relieving pain, discomfort and help prevent future spasms of the muscles that lead to joint pain.

We also provide Botox treatment on the large masseter facial muscle for those that are severe teeth grinders or jaw clenchers. Botox treatment can be done safely and effectively decreasing unnecessary muscle activation during sleep. Allowing the muscle to relax and recover from a long day’s work.