Immediate Implant | Tooth In A Day

Cambie Dental Immediate Tooth in a Day

Our smile means a lot to us. It conveys emotion, happiness, intent, warmth and projects self confidence. However sometimes an accident occurs and unintentional trauma leads to a fracture or fail of an important tooth in our smile.

In times like these, where a tooth is broken and irreparable, a dental implant immediate tooth-in-a-day treatment is perfect.

Once deemed unrestorable, the broken tooth can be extracted and an implant placed immediately after extraction. This implant can be placed with enough stability that we can fabricate a non removable temporary tooth during the implant healing phase.

You can walk in with a broken tooth, and walk out how you looked before the tooth broke as if nothing has happened.

Talk to Dr. Huang at Cambie Dental Centre to see if you’re a candidate for tooth in a day!

Cambie Dental Immediate Tooth in a Day 4 Month Final Results