Complete and Partial Denture

Cambie Dental Center full upper denture patient with a brand new smile

Complete Dentures

It is always a tough crossroad that one arrives when life’s circumstances has led to the loss of our teeth. However, to replace all of your teeth in the upper or lower jaw all together in an economical way is through the use of a complete denture. The complete denture is made of nano-hybrid acrylic that is custom made to fit YOU! It takes a few appointments to ensure the proper fit of the denture before finalization and it can create a beautiful aesthetic and when it is custom fitted well, it is quite retentive.


Partial Dentures

An economical way of replacing multiple teeth, but not all of the teeth is by custom fabrication of a partial denture. The partial denture relies on the existing healthy teeth as anchorage for stability and allows for maximum retention and look.

Cambie Dental Partial Denture