Teeth Whitening

Cambie Dental Teeth Whitening With Glo

A brighter and whiter smile has never been easier. Cambie Dental Centre is a proud provider of Glo Whitening which offers in-office treatment as well as take home treatment for whitening your smile. It has virtually no sensitivity after whitening due to its formulation and produces phenomenal results.

Our teeth pick up stains as we eat and live our daily lives. Many of our food and drinks contains staining agents such as coffee, tea, red wine and all that good stuff. During whitening, the treatment involves purifying and washing away these staining agents leaving the teeth white and shiny as like their original colour.

The at home treatment has easy application that can be done for touch up once a month and maintain the whitening effect long after the teeth has been whitened in the office.

Ask Dr. Huang or Dr. Wu about the convenient in-office and take-home whitening!