Botox Treatment

Cambie Dental Botox

Cosmetic and functional Botox treatments are offered by Dr. Huang at Cambie Dental Centre. We often cannot control the urge to frown or tense certain parts of our face during time of stress.

Over a long period of time, our facial muscles form a memory and creates wrinkles that are otherwise non-existent anywhere else. With application of Botox treatments in strategic areas, we can alleviate frown lines, wrinkles, and more.

Botox treatment has a wide variety of cosmetic applications, but DID YOU KNOW that it can be used on the larger facial muscles to ease jaw clenching and grinding? If you suffer from tension in the jaw or headaches waking up and trouble opening wide, you may be clenching in your sleep.

An application of Botox on the larger facial muscles may stop you from clenching your jaw unnecessarily during night-time. This can make the face slimmer as well as alleviate facial muscle pain or jaw joint pain.