Bone Grafting

Cambie Dental bone grafting

There comes a time when a tooth has met its end, and it is no longer restorable or usable. Sometimes that tooth can be painful or bothersome. This tooth is often extracted and the space is left to heal on its own.

However, after many years of research and proven evidence that once a tooth is removed, the underlying bone shrinks away. When that happens, it presents with a few problems. The teeth beside the removed tooth may begin to drift due to decreased bone support. The gums may shrink and lead to recession of neighbouring teeth. If the patient would like an implant to replace the tooth in the future, the bone is not sound enough for such implant.

Here at Cambie Dental Centre, we believe in preserving our jaw bone as much as possible. We perform atraumatic teeth removal without damaging the surrounding bone. Followed by a bone graft in the healing socket where the tooth root used to be.

This bone graft often is human donner bone mixed with the patient’s own blood concentrated white blood cell that is placed in the new socket. This allows the body to heal quickly and form sound bone structure in the area rather than shrinking the bone away.

This will preserve the bone for a number of years so in the future if the patient wishes to have an implant, the teeth beside would not have the same recession or the same amount of drifting.

As an added bonus, bone grafted healing sites have MUCH LESS discomfort compared to traditional simple extractions.