First Dental Visit

Cambie Dental First Dental Visit

We love seeing young kids at Cambie Dental Centre. It is our firm belief that a good first experience at the dental office is paramount to a life time of health teeth and smile. We would love to see infants to toddlers and create positive experiences to start their young lives.

We recommend at 6-7 month when the first teeth that comes out of the gum, is a good time to come for a first visit.

The first visit largely focuses around education and maintaining the newly erupted baby teeth. We can also see the developmental stages of the face, and jaw to ensure milestones are being met. It is critical that we develop a home care habit as young as 6–7-month-old.

First time parent? No problem, we’ll dispel any myths and equip you with the most up-to-date info and tips + tricks!

Let’s create a life long routine of great oral health.