Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Cambie Dental Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Many of us have a set of 4 wisdom teeth. Some are fortunate enough that there are adequate room in our jaw that the wisdom teeth fit comfortably. However, majority of the time the wisdom teeth become hidden under the gum, or partially erupted into the mouth.

Often times wisdom teeth that are partially erupted in the mouth may lead to swelling of inflammation of the gum around the area. This is largely due to bacteria trapped under the gum and the fact that it is impossible to clean a tooth that is half erupted.

These infections can come and go, but sometimes a cyst can form around the wisdom tooth which causes erosion of the bone around the cyst weakening the jaw.

It is because of these potential downsides that may not be avoidable that we at Cambie Dental Centre closely evaluate everyone that has their wisdom teeth. Sometimes we’re fortunate to be able to keep, clean and use our wisdom teeth. Other times we may recommend removing the wisdom teeth all together.

Often the removal of troublesome wisdom teeth can be done under local anesthesia and the recovery time is quite short.

Please chat with Dr. Huang or Dr. Wu to see if your wisdom teeth may cause you problems in the future or if they have already, feel free to let us know!