Crowns, Inlay, Onlay

Cambie Dental Inlays, Onlays and Crowns

Dental Crowns (often called Caps) are aesthetic restorations placed over a tooth when standard fillings are insufficient to restore the form and function of your tooth. The concept of a crown is to cover the entire tooth and allows proper forces to travel down the tooth as nature has designed. It will add protection against fracture of the tooth and allow normal function and aesthetic. Dental crowns can be made with a variety of materials ranging from the time-tested gold crowns, to aesthetic porcelain or zirconia crowns.

Dental Inlay and Onlay are laboratory made restoration (outside of the mouth) that are made in ceramic or gold which is then cemented into the tooth. They are used when simple fillings are not strong enough to restore the missing or damage part of the tooth. It relies on the rest of the tooth to be healthy and sound where a full crown is not yet warranted.

Cambie Dental Inlay and Onlay