Gum Grafts

Cambie Dental Gum Grafting

Healthy gums are crucially important to the health and stability of our teeth. However, as we age, or other external factors overtime may lead to the dreaded gum recession. Sometime it may be unavoidable or a result due to factors such as genetics, misaligned teeth, trauma, and gum disease.

When gums are beginning to shrink, and we examine, address the cause of the recession it can be stopped. In mild to moderate gum recession, often times a gum graft can be used to cover the receded region and regrow part of the gum that is lost. The graft is taken typically from the roof of the mouth, and placed on top or tucked in the recessed gum area. After some healing time about 1-2 weeks the gum will mature and become steady in that region.

Gum grafts comes in two main types:

A Free Gingival Gum Graft (FGG) or a Connective Tissue Graft (CTG).

These two gum grafts are used in different situations when gums are thin, or to prevent future gum recessions. Ask Dr. Huang or Dr. Wu about which type of gum graft may help gum recession. Everyone is a little different we are more than happy to explain the difference in different situations.