Composite (White) Fillings

Cambie Dental Composite Fillings 1
Cambie Dental Composite Fillings 2

When our tooth suffers breakdown from bacteria in our oral environment it is considered tooth decay. When significant breakdown occurs, we recommend having the decay removed and a filling placed to restore the tooth to its original shape and form.

A conservative and strong material of choice is a white composite resin filling. It is non-toxic, and cures instantly when the dentist activates a blue light. The material is bonded to the tooth, unlike the old silver mercury fillings, and does not require excessive tooth removal for retention. It is color matched to your tooth to create a natural and comfortable restoration. The term “good as new” has never been more accurate.

We can also use composite material for front teeth as a cosmetic treatment. To close spaces and as well adding length and shape to existing teeth.

Feel free to ask us about composite restorations!