Home Care

dental homecare

Home care habits are important part of maintaining a healthy smile. We at Cambie Dental Centre encourages all our patients to maintain their oral health by following our “secret formula”

  • Brush before going to bed with an electric toothbrush with a soft brush head
  • Brush after you wake up before you start your day
  • Floss before you brush at night time, brush after you floss (wax string floss recommended)
  • If you have some larger spaces between teeth, you can use a Water flosser (Waterpik)
    1. If you have braces and cannot floss, use a water flosser
    2. If you have full arch implants or long bridges, use a water flosser
  • Use a non-whitening fluoride toothpaste.
  • Use a soft tongue brush or tongue scraper once a day to maintain fresh breath

Optional: use of a mouthwash (non-alcoholic) after brushing

Things to avoid doing at home:

  • Avoid using a toothpick – it is too ridged and aggressive and can damage gums
  • Avoid sipping on acidic drinks (lemon water, carbonated water, sports drink)
  • Avoid using your teeth as tools (opening beer bottles)
  • Avoid abrasive whitening toothpaste (activated charcoal or other whitening toothpaste the particles can damage your enamel)